Flexible data types to define your database.

Completely Customized

Forget cookie-cutter software. Knack lets you build the exact app you need. No more, no less.

  • Easy data types like names, addresses, and emails add structure and formatting to your data.
  • Powerful options like formulas, equations, and signatures.
  • Flexible relationships to connect your data together.

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Online Data Management

Access your online database from any web browser.

  • Import spreadsheets to quickly add data.
  • Inline editing for fast updates.
  • Track the history of any changes to your data.
  • Export your data into CSV, TXT, or JSON files.

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Manage your data online with inline editing
Easy options for displaying your database records

DIY App Builder

Build apps to view and manage the records in your database.

  • Display records in tables, searches, calendars, and maps.
  • Add and edit records with forms.
  • Complete flexibility to create the navigation and structure you want.

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Mobile Friendly

Knack apps work great on any mobile device, including smart-phones and tablets.

  • Your app will automatically resize to look great on any mobile device.
  • Empower your workforce with mobile apps they can use from anywhere.
  • Optimized for mobile features like phone cameras for image uploads.

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Knack apps work great on mobile devices of any size.
Require user logins to access your app

Powerful User Features

Integrate user accounts and logins into your apps.

  • Protect your app with different user roles and permissions.
  • Users can log in and access their own database records.
  • No user limits or seat licenses.

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Easy Workflow

Easy tools for adding workflow features.

  • Assign records to specific users for processing
  • Send email alerts and update records when a process is complete
  • Schedule tasks to monitor records, send emails, and make updates.

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Schedule tasks to manage records and send emails
Get code snippets to add to your site

Publish To Your Website

Publish your apps right in your website or blog with an easy embed script.

  • Published apps will adapt to your own design and integrate seamlessly.
  • Publish multiple versions of your app to different web pages.
  • Customize your apps with CSS and jQuery.

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Advanced Features

Knack offers advanced features to take your app to the next level.

  • Schedule tasks to update your records and send emails.
  • Index your database with Google search engine optimization.
  • Add Zip Code searches with geolocation.

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SEO features so Google can index your data
Add custom Javascript and CSS right in the app.

Developer Friendly

Knack can be easily customized by designers and developers.

  • Open API for developers to securely access your data and add custom functionality.
  • Designers can control the look and feel of your app with custom CSS.
  • Each app can be completely customized upon request if you need customization services.

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World Class Security & Infrastructure

Take confidence in the top-notch Knack infrastructure and security.

  • Hashed and encrypted passwords
  • Complete data SSL encryption at every stage
  • Daily backups to multiple locations
  • Track timestamps and IP addresses of all record changes

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Track changes to all your records, including IP addresses
Live chat with real humans!

Live Personal Support

Yes, we consider support a feature!

  • Leverage our experience to optimize your app.
  • Free app assistance with your trial.
  • Extensive knowledge base with articles and videos
  • Live chat with english-speaking humans!

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